Custom design is an iterative process, where the client, designers and craftsman are all collaborators in an organic process to make something unique and special. Hand sketching, 3D modeling and prototyping are the key tools in our design method, and how we communicate throughout this process. We are always looking for new and enthusiastic clients. Please reach out to us at, and we would be happy to discuss your ideas.

Concept stage
If you would like to take your project into concept stage we charge a fixed fee (typically $100 per furniture piece) to produce a series of options (1-3) that will give you a feel for the design. This might include sketches, layout plans and material palettes. From this exchange we can generate a quote for the project.

Production set
If the client is happy with the designs and wants to proceed we get to work on the production set. This usually entails a 3D model of the project and a series of hard line drawings that the craftsman can build from. The final dimensioned drawings and relevant samples are submitted to the client for approval prior to fabrication.  (The fee to initiate this stage is $150 per drawing / sample or the initial 10% of the estimated project total.)

Once the production set is approved we require a 50% deposit to order materials and start fabrication. On a standard job our typical lead time is 8-10 weeks, from when we receive the deposit.

At Roguebuilt we combine architectural design skills with artisan wood and steel craft. We are more than happy to collaborate with material specialists (marble, brass, leather), however this might impact pricing and lead time.


Our experienced team work with all types of wood; sheet materials, tree-slabs, edge-jointed board lumber, etc.

When working with solid wood every piece is unique, in the way it wants to move and behave and in its “imperfections”. These idiosyncrasies  present opportunities for creativity. At Roguebuilt, unless otherwise specified, we make use of contrasting wood species for patches and bow ties where natural cracks appear, as well as resins for more subtle in fill details.



Steel is cold and precise, it works best in tension, spanning long lengths or as bracing. Its a contrasting but versatile companion to wood, together they make furniture that is both clinical and expressive.

Our in-house finishes include clear or blackened protective coating. Powder coating is outsourced, but will be included in our quote.


Delivery / Installation

Delivery and installation in the New York area is charged at $500 per day as a base rate. And storage after 2 weeks post due date is charged at $500 per week.

We look forward to working with you!