Brooklyn Desks

Brooklyn Desks

Project Date: 02/2015

Step 1. Take a raw, 10,000 Sq. Ft warehouse in Bushwick

2. Add a roguebuilt custom reception desk, drop ceiling lighting feature, and kitchen/chillspace build out

3. Let Stephen Conte of STUDIOSC design the shit out of the place.

there ya go. Nice little project.


The exterior windows were reclaimed for interior partitions, OSB offcuts became delineating elements of the space, as well as the inspiration for a custom reception desk from stacked CNC cuts.

Budget materials applied in unique ways proves you can get high design on a budget.

Now a community gathering space as well as a small business incubator, Brooklyn Desks is unique addition to the neighborhood.


Love working with this guy.  STUDIOSC  Seriously good New York dude.

bkDesks bkdesks_07 bkdesks_08 bkdesks-1 bkdesks-2 bkdesks-4



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